Public Cloud

The Most Recognizable Model

With our expertise and existing professional infrastructure, you can enjoy faster services with greater scalability and accessibility than on-premise alternatives.

About Our Public Cloud Solution

Our public cloud service is represented as a virtual environment, which is constructed by using a shared pool physical resources. As a result, more than one client can access openly by using the same shared infrastructure.

This is one form of cloud computing that involves companies relying on our services such as providing servers, data storage and applications, which can be delivered to your company by simply connecting to Internet.


Who Can Benefit?

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Enterprises. We provide public cloud solutions to improve the efficiency of company operations through non-sensitive content processing, online document collaboration, web-mail, and more.

A public cloud can save a company from a lot of potential costs related to purchasing, managing and maintaining on-premise hardware and software infrastructure.  Clients can be assured that they will achieve their deployment in a scalable and accessible way, with the help of our expertise and existing infrastructure.

Why Choose Our Public Cloud Solution?

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Public clouds pool more resources together, so that clients can benefit from the largest economies of scale.

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Public clouds cannot be affected by a single point of failure, so it is less vulnerable than other types of services.

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Location Independence

Clients can have remote access to IT infrastructure (in case of emergency) and online document collaboration from multiple locations.

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